3 thoughts on “Is an MBA worth it? This infographic says no

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  2. Gautam

    I work in India and design marketing solutions for all the major companies in FMCG, automobile, banking, telecom and related sectors etc. A lot of my solutions have been adopted and implemented by the marketing and brand managers who hold a MBA degree. The funny thing is that i ve been turned down from a marketing position i applied for because i don’t hold a business degree. The temptation to get into a management programme is high but i dont want to spend an year or two in college over getting real world experience. Think ill just take a deep breath and continue on the path i ve chosen and being good through it :)

  3. Anonymous (ISB)

    These graphs relate to the US MBA Program. How relevant are they from Indian perspective? It is well known in India that those without MBAs are always given lower weightage in the job market as compared to other with MBA (Ask any ISB graduate about the difficulties they have faced in getting their Pre-MBA recognized in Indian companies). So I think this discussion is irrelevant from Indian perspective.


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