How to lose friends and anger people: Learn from my experience

I am prone to opening my mouth and putting my foot in it. I did it a few days ago with a reporter from Reuters who was covering The Startup Village in Kochi. Not particularly sure of what the background was regarding the Startup Village, its goal or its focus, I went ahead to trash it even without understanding.

It was a) unprofessional b) stupid of me to do it and c) an uninformed opinion of an ignorant person.

What the Startup Village is trying to do is admirable. They are trying to change the face of entrepreneurship in Kerala. They have been able to do what most cities and states around the world would love to do. Get engagement from the political system to support startup entrepreneurship.

And I rained on their parade. I am so embarrassed to even link to the article.

I got a call this morning from Sony Joy who I have known for years. He was so nice, that his first question was “Were you misquoted”?

Sadly I was not. I cannot blame the media or the reporter.

I cant even say I was having a brain seizure.

I was just plain dumb.

So I have to own up and apologize.

Sorry guys. As I promised, I will be in Cochin soon to learn more about the Startup Village and do my part to ensure you guys are successful.

15 thoughts on “How to lose friends and anger people: Learn from my experience

  1. Hemanth

    I am starting to admire you more ! Because, in many ways you are leading a trend for doing the right things (not necessarily easy) . We need this for our ecosystem.

      1. Dave mcclure

        it’s difficult when you discover your words have impact far beyond expectation. you feel like a clumsy, naked elephant… exposed for all the world to see. sigh.

        kudos to you for taking your lumps so publicly. hope they heal quickly.

        (but not too quickly ;)

        – DMC

  2. Rajan Chandi

    Haha… this happens to me when i am direct about my views on things.
    Sometimes, i prefer to be direct as it helps the situation better rather than being politically correct or particularly nice without being useful.

  3. Hemanth

    The admiration is for showing that we can as community, make mistakes and we have the guts to own it up and make necessary corrections.

  4. Sameer Agarwal

    You’ll be happy to know that I’m in Kerala meeting with ULCC folks in Calicut. Had a good discussion with IIMK dean Dr. Saji and Sheelan from Arbitron. Kerala is THE destination to watch. Will share more stuff soon….

  5. Sayuri

    Two things stood out in this incident(Mukund, I did read the Reuters article)

    1. You have reached a stage in life where you can just make a comment to a reporter, dis some one else’s work without even being aware or having any expertise on that subject. And even worse, the reporter quoted you.

    2. Greed seems to have no boundaries. Now that you have made it, you are willing to shut the door behind you and keep others out. Makes me think of Vinod Khosla harping about supporting green tech and then he hides behind a real estate LLC to restrict access to a public beach.

    1. Mukund Mohan Post author

      Man this is really presumptuous,but I deserve it. Just for your info I spent over an hour and 15 min for that interview and was quoted for the grand total of 15 seconds of it. I decided to take blame than argue publicly and make it a bigger issue of it.

      But hey I still deserve this and more criticism.


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