Startup documents

Here is a list of startup documents that I use. Feel free to download and use. Please read them thoroughly before you use them. Please get some legal advice if you want to change them or use them with modifications. I am not responsible for the legal implications from you using these documents.

1. Consulting Agreement – Use if your company provides consulting / professional services to other companies.

2. Consultant or Contractor Agreement – use if you want to hire a contractor

3. Mutual NDA – use if you want a non disclosure agreement binding both parties.

4. HR Policy Document 2012 – use to share your policies and procedures with your employees

5. New employee offer letter – use to hire potential employees

6. Invention agreement – use to ensure all innovations and inventions created by employees during their “work” time belongs to the company

7. Conflict of Interest – use to ensure employees are not working on projects or initiatives that are conflicting with the company’s interests

8. Confidentiality Agreement – use it to protect information shared with employees and ensure your proprietary secrets are not shared with others.

9. Advisor Agreement – use to get advisors on board.

10. Advisor Option Grant – use to give advisors stock options

11. Option Agreement – use to outline terms and conditions of your stock option plan

12. Company Loan Agreement – Use this to document a loan you took from another investor.

13. Employee appraisal form – (thanks to Abhijeet) – use to review and evaluate employees performance

14. Investor Pitch Deck Short – use to have a 3-5 min pitch for an investor or to pique their interest

15. List of Indian Seed & Angel Investors – use to create your list of target investors

16. Convertible Note Template – use to understand how you should structure your convertible note

17. Sales Compensation Plan – for hiring and keeping sales people on plan

18. Sample Sales Employee Agreement. – for hiring sales people.

61 thoughts on “Startup documents

  1. Ashton

    Dear Mukund, I was searching for a document which is an appraisal form,for entrepreneurs/owners to give it to their investors.

  2. You Know Me !

    Haven’t seen too many people be so helpful ! You have been instrumental in building this ecosystem. This is Good Charity !

  3. Ronak Shah

    I need a little favor in understanding reporting norms for the fundraising in US. I would be grateful if you could tell me what are the US government agencies which provides financial terms which were not disclosed in Press Releases by the company while raising Series A or any funding. Are Federal Agency like SEC provide such information by charging some fees? Please if you have any questions for further clarification, please let me know.

  4. Swadeep Pillarisetti

    This is good stuff Mukund! We could surely use more people like you in this startup community..

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  6. Nikhil Wason (@nikhilwason)

    Thanks Mukund. This is useful :) Btw, do you have a template for ‘mentor agreement’ too? I can see ‘advisor agreement’ in this list, but I’ve heard that there’s a difference between advisors and mentors. Let me know..

  7. David Urmann

    Great list of documents. Do you have any suggestions for a shareholder agreement for potential angel investors? This can be a stumbling block for startups and given my expereince so far raising capital I think that this is something the startup should present to the investor and not vice versa (of course it should be fair to both parties).

  8. Sumukh Rao (@TheSumukhRao)

    Stumbling onto this as a first-time entrepreneur is just my luck.

    Thank you very much for these documents & may I please request you’re version of a business plan template for the first-time entrepreneurs.. That would be just perfect for us newbies!

    Best Regards

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  10. Murty Eranki (@erankism)

    Hi Mukund,

    Thank you for sharing useful documents/resources. can you please provide ESOP agreements specific to Indian companies or can you provide all the required agreements templates specific to Indian startups.


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  13. Suryansh

    Hello! Thank you so much for these documents. Is it required for these docs to be printed on a stamp-paper to be binding, or is a normal print-out functional enough?

  14. Piyush

    This is really good Mukund… Can you tell about measuring intangible contributions while doing performance appraisal..?

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  16. Vinod Kumar

    Hello Mukund,
    Along with all the above good comments, I would like to thank you so much for this list of essential documents. I had be hunting within my emails, friends, other entrepreneurs…and the rest for the world, but got little help. You have been amazing with all the videos, blogs, Fb posting, that really peps me up everyday. Eager to meet you someday to seek your advice.
    Many thanks

  17. Maulik Pandya

    Hi Mukund,

    Thanks a lot for sharing these docs – they have been a great help!

    I am a start-up co-founder launching our mobile/web product in Dec ’14. We are currently raising angel funds for our company and require an “Angel Investor Shareholders’ Agreement” to have in place with our investors. Something like this:

    The above doc is for Singapore and we need something similar with Indian verbiage.
    I would highly appreciate if you could share any template / draft document for our reference.

    Thanks in advance,
    Maulik Pandya


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