The point of this blog

This is my personal blog with a focus on a) online communities b) social networks c) technology in general d) the US and Indian stock market and e) everything marketing. I used to focus only on online communities but I decided to broaden this blog to all the things I really care about and enjoy discussing. (Oct 2007)

To find, review, analyze and share information about online communities, social networks, startups, technology and everything new and fun.

Join the discussion and please suggest communities to profile using the comments or email me.

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Cell phone’s the best way to contact me at (650) 353 7680. I am in US Pacific Time. Email: mukund at thrisha dot com. I enjoy the strategy, planning, development and operational elements of business communities. I have been fortunate to run, and help many companies build thriving and engaging customer communities and love to share my experiences and learn about new ways to get communities more profitable for business.