Categories of social communities

Talking with Scott Campbell of Jive Software (who BTW presented a very good overview of their new products via a webinar) got me thinking about categories of social communities.
Here are the various categories and types I have seen so far. More on the best within each category in a moment.

1. Communities by companies for their primary audiences:

  • Customer (Members, Users, Patients, Consumers, etc.) communities – E.g: Mother and Baby
  • Partner (Reseller, VAR, Supplier) communities E.g: Red Hat Partners
  • Employee (internal) communities – Multiple reside

2. Communities for a specific products or brands E.g: Pampers P&G

3. Communities by audience type

  • Developer communities E.g: Sony Ericsson Developer Site
  • User communities E.g: Autodesk
  • Internal audiences – HR , Engineering, Sales etc.

4. Communities by type of functional objective

5. Online social (consumer)

6. Blog communities: Not sure we can really call this a community but several people have been doing so. Especially highly rated blogs such as Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki tend to have communities of people following them.

7. Communities to achieve a specific goal or objective (these tend to have waxing and waning of interest) also exist to:

  • Research new offering community
  • Understand trends around communities

What do you think? Are there many other types of communities that we can categorize?