What Business Communities can learn from social networks & Consumer communities

Here are the top things I heard from a panel of Directors of B2B communities in our customer base. We hosted 5 Bay area companies with less than $20 Million in revenue and about a potential customer base (each) of 500 users.

I also recommend if you are in the SF Bay area to attend Community Next. Bill Johnston at Online Community Report pointed me to this. I have daddy duty this weekend so I cant go.

1. Get Started: Grass roots efforts win. Get a community started without “approvals”, “budget meetings”, “lengthly discussions on the impact to the brand”. “Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission is true of 90% of large companies. The same is true for small companies”.

2. Keep it cheap for starters: If Digg and JotSpot could get started for less than $100,000 there is hope for others to not have to spend millions to get some form of community going before the big expenditures kick in.

3. Make it easy for customers (users, partners etc.) to sign up and contribute. All you should ask for is an email address (valid company address, not a free one) and password to join the community. Collect other profile metrics over time.