The really next wave in Online communities, Mobile Social Communities

I have a customer that sells primarily to retail clients ask me about Mobile Social communities. Now, this customer does not have an online (web) community) let alone going fancy with mobile communities, but she wanted to know if she should skip this whole “web community” thing to go direct to mobile, since most of her clients (influencers and buyers) were C level executives or on the road a lot and tended to access most information via blackberry and / or phone.

There was an ABI research article conducted about 2 months ago. “A new ABI Research Brief has found that “mobile social communities”
currently count nearly 50 million members worldwide, a number that is
expected to reach 174 million in 2011.”

Mobile Crunch also has a comment from the hoff… Very interesting.

“I’m curious not only to see what MySpace and FaceBook do in mobile
but what new innovations come from mobile-centric companies. There are
a number of startups launching social networks specifically designed
for handsets. These will provide the true breakthroughs in terms of
functionality and communication on the phone.

My recommendation to anyone considering mobile community networks: Its still not enough time for Business communities. It may be in Asia, some parts of Europe, but in the US the online communities for customers are still more web driven.