Twitter: The Epidomy of Connected Social Networks

I recently read the article “Twitter: All Trivia, All The Time” in BusinessWeek’s April 2nd issue.  I was amazed at how connected people want to be.  I have never Twittered myself but this is a perfect example of a very connected social network. 

If you don’t know what Twitter is, it is a Web 2.0 service that counts about 80,000 subscribers.  It’s service is a take off of instant messaging.  It lets subscribers send short updates about their daily “goings on” through cell phones and personalized web sites to groups of people instead of just individuals. 

The article indicated that people have used it to inform friends about hot parties, restaurants, missed meetings sickness, and panels.  Essentially what ever someone wants.

To me this is a perfect setup of how to get buzz going around a new initiative for a company.  For example, as your development team is producing something have them twitter cool key things about the product or service.  Let users twitter back about these features and it is almost like you are getting feedback real time.  A second example, is a marketing blitz around the launch of a new product.  Have key clients twitter how they are using/interacting with the product all day long. 

However, social networking is put to use it is going to be successful as long as it involves a certain amount of “fun”.

What do you think?