Communities and fresh content; dispelling the myth that people dont view content online

Courtsey of grokdotcom. Poynter Institute released a report on eye tracking and people reading content online.

“When readers chose to read an online story, they usually
read an average of 77% of the story, compared to 62% in broadsheets and
57% in tabloids…

In addition, nearly two-thirds of online readers read all of the text of a particular story once they began to read it,
the survey revealed. In print, 68% of tabloid readers continued reading
a specific story through the jump to another page, while 59% did so in
broadsheet reading.

The research also found that 75% of print readers are methodical in
their reading, which means they start reading a page at a particular
story and work their way through each story. Just 25% of print readers
are scanners, who scan the entire page first, then choose a story to

Online, however, about half of readers are methodical, while the other half scan,
the report found. The survey also revealed that large headlines and
fewer, large photos attracted more eyes than smaller images in print.
But online, readers were drawn more to navigation bars and teasers.”

So people do read content online. The trouble is sifting through junk, ok and good to get through the great.