Good content does not mean content only from Marketing

Say you are running a community (Support, Developer, Partner, etc.). Your marketing person gets wind of it and wants to learn more and tells his “executive team” – this thing is going to be huge. How can marketing get in on it?

You realize marketing always has had the opportunity to spend money without real ROI or justification, so you guess getting more budget wont be a bad thing for the community.

You also know that getting them in would mean some things good and some bad for the community.

So what’s your decision criteria to opt-in marketing to the community? Do you say lets keep it clean and simple? OR will you say lets have a party? Let me know.

BTW a side note: I subscribe to Todd And’s power 150 marketing blog OPML file and there is MORE content that comes from that to my feed reader than CNN, CNNFN, CBS Marketwatch, BBC, SJ Mercury News, NY Times COMBINED.

These marketing bloggers sure have tons of stuff to say.