Humanizing your community: The people aspect of online communities

Vario Creative Blog has a great piece on Business Websites with a Human Side.
Highly recommend you read the entire piece.
“What we’re missing is the human side; the fact that a business is a
community.  If we’re doing our brand right, our customers really want
to think of themselves as part of the team. “

Some important highlights as it appeals to communities:
2. Become the go to source for information on your industry.  You are professional, act like it.  Blog on industry issues,
and bring those blog posts forward to your homepage.  Actively solicite
questions, and answer them on an open format, such as a blog or forum

4. Participate in the online community at largePost on forums, comment on blogs,
and do so without trumpeting your products.  It may seem counter
intuitive, but the truth is the web is a place where less can sometime
be more.   By taking part in the online discussion, you will create
good will.  The problem is such groups have extremely limited tolerance
of overt commercialism.  Be careful.

6. Sponsor niche communities in your industry
Community sites such as forums generally offer advertising at extremely
competetive rates.  Get your name in front of the right eyeballs by
sponsoring a site where your potential customers would be found.

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