Some challenges faced by developer communities

A developer community is a powerful product development mechanism and faces several challenges before it reaches its full potential. Lets look at a sample list of challenges here:

  • Geographically distributed collaborative work tends to result in significantly reduced communication between team members
  • Ever-increasing pace of development makes it difficult for developers to stay up-todate and collaborate on the most current technologies
  • It is challenging to maintain quality and productivity among all participants despite the physical and cultural distance
  • Operational challenges exist: For example, you need to ensure that everyone is working on the same edition of the source code and has access to the same information about requirements, data models, customer issues, etc., It is easy to have Team A and Team B accidentally work off of different code bases, such as different versions of a common component and wind up trying to integrate incompatible work
  • Social challenges also come into play. If the teams adopt an “Us” versus “Them” mindset, they may work at cross-purposes, with Team A being slow to adopt Team B’s work due to distrust or outright disdain for who Team B is and what they are working on. This is exacerbated by time zone and language differences that make communication difficult