Justifying Your Online Community Initiative: A Step by Step Approach

DATE: Tuesday, April 24 2007
TIME: 2:00 PM (Eastern Time) / 11:00 AM (Pacific Time)
FEE: Free!
WHERE: Live from your desktop

A purposeful and prescriptive web seminar presented by key industry players for executives and senior managers looking to invest in online communities & social networks.

Enterprises like P&G, Electronics Arts and ESPN are leveraging online communities to innovate with their customers, reduce support costs and foster bi-directional communication with their customers and employees. There are significant benefits these organizations have seen from their online community initiative including:

  • Lower cost of lead generation & marketing by 39% by allowing customers to provide direction on new product positioning
  • Reducing their cost of customer support by 23% by having customers help other customers
  • Decreasing their revenue cycle time 15%; by leveraging partners & getting rapid feedback on their product introduction

The first step to understanding how to leverage online communities for your organization is to define the scope and learn how to justify it in business terms. This enables you to strongly position it with senior management to get buy in.

A case study of a business justification presentation that was used to secure internal funding for a community initiative will be shared.

An interactive Q&A session with our speakers will be included.

Prior to the seminar, submit your question to be answered during the Q&A here:
webseminarQ-A@sharedinsights.com. Questions are also welcomed during the seminar.

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