Review of Apple Developer Connection

I spent some time reviewing Apple’s developer comunity. Here’re my thoughts.

Apple Developer Connection 

Top 3 good things:

  • Apple Developer Connection (ADC) members can help the company discover & isolate bugs within its products. Members can submit bug reports/enhancement requests on Apple products & track these submissions. This is a great way for developers to contribute to the robustness of Apple’s products
  • ADC provides developer Technical Support: a team made up of highly qualified engineers with development expertise in key Apple technologies provide either direct one-on-one support troubleshooting issues, hands-on assistance to accelerate a project, or helpful guidance to the right documentation and sample code. This is a good way to support developers working on Apple’s products
  • ADC has a link to its worldwide online store at where developers and users can buy Apple products. It also offers support and training services

Top 3 things to improve:

  • No blogs or links to blogs on ADC’s site. Blogging is a powerful medium for companies to talk to developers and/or customers and is a great way to share information. For example: Microsoft used the concept of corporate blogging to bridge the divide between its customers and itself
  • I couldn’t find discussion forums or suggestion boxes on ADC’s site. It is difficult for developers to share their ideas and provide feedback
  • No tracking statistics are provided. Information like users, postings, page hits, downloads, community & site ranking makes it possible to measure the success of the community & also encourages new users to join