Review of Oracle Technology Network

Here’s a writeup on Oracle:

Oracle Technology Network (OTN)

Community Statistics:

Registrations: 5.2 million
Discussion forum threads: approx 400,000
New discussion forum messages: 1.2 million
Published technical articles/notes: 600
Countries containing members: 252
Most members: US with 1.6 million
Fewest members: Midway Islands with 2

Top 3 good things:

  • To foster the Oracle community, Oracle formally recognizes Oracle advocates with strong credentials as evangelists & educators in that community. These Oracle ACEs are technically proficient & eager to share their experiences whether through writing books, articles, or blogs, speaking at events, participating in OTN discussion forums or simply serving as Oracle advocates in their respective organizations. This is a great way to build visibility for Oracle, its products & its ACEs
  • To illustrate how to use Oracle products and technologies, OTN provides source code & installation instructions for complete working sample applications. The site also features an area called Code Tips where developers can share their knowledge with other Oracle users by submitting tips & techniques. This is a great way to increase the use of Oracle’s products
  • Community areas are provided for other countries as well. China, Japan & Korea have their own communities & these are linked to the main OTN page

Top 3 things to improve:

  • Communities from more countries can be featured. Today, only China, Japan & Korea are covered. It would be good to encourage Oracle affiliates in other countries to build and develop communities
  • An online store can be implemented where users and developers can purchase products online. For example, Intel’s community site has a pointer to where you can buy any Intel product online
  • The expertise of Oracle ACEs can be used to hire new employees. This way, newcomers can find able mentors and Oracle can benefit by finding great new employees