Review of Cisco developer community

Cisco developer community


Top 3 good things:

  • Cisco‘s site has a section called “Ask the experts” where Cisco experts engage in discussions with members on specific networking issues. The experts also answer questions related to small & medium sized businesses. These discussions are broadcast/podcast to users and are helpful in resolving any questions they may have

  • Cisco‘s site has a section called “member product reviews” where member’s perspectives on Cisco products are found. These reviews are rated on a 5 point scale. This is a great way to encourage members to use and review Cisco‘s products. The rating system helps members find quality information faster & acknowledges those members who contribute significantly to the community

  • Cisco Systems Capital Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco Systems where Cisco‘s expert financial consultants help meet a customer/partner’s financial needs. The company provides innovative, flexible financial programs to Cisco‘s customers & channel partners worldwide. Providing such capital financial guidance is a great way to encourage more customers to buy Cisco‘s products

Top 3 things to improve:

  • No blogs on Cisco‘s community site. Blogging is a powerful medium for companies to talk to developers and/or customers and is a great way of sharing info. It would be good for Cisco to showcase this

  • Cisco‘s site provides a list of members with the highest point totals across all discussion forums. It would be great if there was a way to obtain the point score of any Cisco member. This could be useful when one member engages in conversation with another member

  • No job postings on Cisco‘s community. Employers can benefit by posting job openings for suitable well-qualified people and member job seekers can benefit by posting resumes, searching job postings and applying online for positions they’re interested in