Review of Adobe developer community

Adobe developer community


Top 3 good things:

- The Adobe Community Experts program is a community
based program made up of Adobe customers who share
their product expertise with the world-wide Adobe
community. Adobe community experts agree to be active
contributors to the Adobe world-wide community by:
a) Engaging in peer-to-peer support in the Adobe forums
b) Posting information and technical support in their
favorite online community
c) Writing articles for professional publications
d) Presenting Adobe product presentations at conferences
and user groups
This is a great program to have and provides high
caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and
improving the product skills of Adobe customers

- Adobe's Developer Center has samples and tutorials
that contain code and downloadable projects. This is a
great resource for a developer and can be used to
learn how to build complex projects and applications.
For example, in the Adobe Tour Tracker application,
the Adobe Experience Design (XD) team gives race fans
a way to sit back & experience every sprint and turn
throughout the event without having to leave their
chairs. Sports enthusiasts can watch their favorite
events from the comfort of their living rooms

- Adobe's community site has a link to an online store
which makes it easy to shop online for a variety of
products. Moreover, the stores are classified based on
location. So if you're in Italy, you can shop through
an online store tailormade for the Italian market

Top 3 things to improve:
- Adobe's bloggers can be rated based on the quality
of their discussions. This would be a great way to
know the reputation of a blogger before delving into
his/her blogs

- Adobe labs provides the developer community with
access to pre-release versions of products and
technology in development. It would be great if
developers are invited to test these products. For
example, developers can act as beta testers and
provide valuable feedback that Adobe can use to fix
bugs and improve the quality of these products

- Adobe's community for educators lists case studies.
It would be great if such case studies are provided
for all of Adobe's communities thus providing valuable
reference points for new developers, customers and