Review of Intel developer community

Intel developer community

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Top 3 good things:

  • Whitepapers & case studies are located on Intel‘s OpenSource software page
    These articles cover topics from high level overviews to technical explanations to code samples and make it possible to learn more about the merits and techniques of developing OpenSource software on Intel platforms

  • Cash and prizes are given to Game developers. Prize money of over $95000 is up for grabs in Intel‘s Game demo contest. This encourages developers to build games that showcase Intel‘s platforms

  • Intel’s community site has a pointer to its online store at where you can find a comprehensive list of Intel products. This makes it easy for developers to purchase and use Intel products

Top 3 things to improve:

  • Intel lists whitepapers and case studies for its OpenSource products. It would be great if similar publications for more of its products were posted on its community area. This would make it possible for developers to look at other products & find ways to achieve similar success with their products

  • Blogs and discussion forums are provided only in the US site. I could not find discussion forums or blogs at other locations (example Australia, Europe)

  • A suggestion box or some other mode of feedback could have been provided in the community pages. Moreover, if this feedback is rated by the community’s users, it would provide everyone with an idea of the suggestion’s usefulness and the member’s standing in the community