Review of NVidia developer community

Here’s a brief writeup about NVidia:

NVidia Developer Community

Top 3 good things:

  • NVidia is planning to have a public developer forum where the developer community makes it possible to make PC games that give the users a differentiated and improved experience over the console. Current forums are private and a public forum would make it possible for the community to help itself and others by making it open to anyone
  • NVidia‘s community site provides links to documentation and performance information for its products and technologies. This is important for developers who can get a feel for the company’s products before using them
  • NVidia‘s community site has a link to its job postings where job openings are featured and instructions are provided for members to check out its employment site This site makes it possible for job seekers to search for jobs, view job listings, create an account and apply online

Top 3 things to improve:

  • NVidia‘s community site has only 1 job posting. More job postings from its employment site can be listed on its community page so that it becomes easy to access for developer member job seekers
  • NVidia‘s online store link could have been provided on the developer community main page as this can provide developers an easy way to browse through and purchase NVidia products
  • The link to NVidia‘s forums at does not work. Forums are a great way to communicate and share information. It would be great if NVidia fixed this bug and made forums available