Ian Kennedy of MyBlogLog Interview

I had a discussion with Ian Kennedy, product manager of MyBlogLog on Thursday. For those that dont know, MyBlogLog is a pretty nifty site that connects you (As a blogger) to your visitors. Users register at MyBlogLog and when they visit blogs (or websites), thanks to cookies, tracking and other technology they can be tracked so people know who visited your site. Its be great for me to meet my readers and personally I have made quite a few friends because of it.

Ian and I met at BarCampBlock a couple of weeks ago during a discussion around Mobile Social Networks. Ian’s been with Yahoo! with over 2 years so I was keen to understand the community building that MyBlogLog went through. They have a strong and vibrant community. We will continue the conversation in a seperate post on the interview.

If you use MyBlogLog, what key questions do you have that I can help get answered?