2008: Year of acquisitions for community vendors?

George Dearing talks about some predictions for 2008 for social media. CIO Insight has a piece on Microsoft being the Facebook for the enterprise.
There is an absolutely great amount of interest that I hear from folks at Jive, Leverage Software, Shared Insightsand Small World Labs. There are several others that are more B2C focused, but these four appear at the top of most B2B communities decision makers that I talk to.

Usually that’s an indicator of future success. If I ask the customers about who they would like to work with, the early adopter almost always prefer smaller companies like the ones I mentioned.

But the early majority has the “No one got fired for buying IBM” mentality. So I expect at least 3-4 acquisitions in the next year.
Valuations: Typical software valuations instead of “eyeballs or community users”. Expect 7-8 times revenue.

Check out their blogs to get more of a perspective:

1. Daveat Jive Software
2. Mike at Leverage
3. Aaronat Shared Insights
4. Mike at Small World Labs