Making Ginormous Amounts of Money with Social Media

Have you ever seen a presentation that is just too slick?
The presenter is just too oily smooth? Kind of scary in an inhuman sort of way
but you know you’re going to buy, because what choice do you have when you’ve
fallen into the dark side?

Tara’s jet-lagged talk (I empathize having once presented
toa  boardroom full of investors while
suffering a full-blown attack of the flu, yikes!) at e-day 2007 adds to the human quality of the
subject matter, which is How
to Make a Gabillion Dollars with Social Marketing
. . or something to that effect.

For those too busy to watch the 30-minute video, or go
through the 178 video slide presentation, I’ve summed up the key points here if
the topic comes up when you’re offline.

  • …this
    year Forrester Research
    found that only 13% of consumers say they buy products because of their
    ads. Contrast that to 60% of small business owners in North America that
    say they use peer recommendations to make their buying decisions and over
    70% of 18-35 year olds who report the same for their media purchases.
  • Companies
    like Pay-Per-Post, who cater to clients who want to tap into Social
    Networks and the power of blogging, think they will influence others
    through word of mouth, but they have it dead wrong.

That’s the gist of her presentation, but you also need these
5 sure-fire steps to transform yourself from a … spammer into a connector:

  1.  Turn
    that bullhorn inwards.
    talking and start listening!
  2. Become
    part of the community you serve. Figure out whom it is you are serving.

    It isn’t everyone. Then get out of your office and into the community.

  3. Create
    amazing experiences for your customers.
    Design for maximum
    connectedness, happiness and joy. Empower and elate.

  4. Embrace
    the chaos.
    Don’t over plan. Learn to be more agile and recognize
    everyday magic. (She offers 7 very Zen steps on how to embrace chaos which
    I’ve distilled down to enjoy this moment now as everything is out of your
    control anyway. Ommmm. . . . )

  5. Find
    your higher purpose.
    Social Capital only gains in value as you
    give it away. Figure out how you are going to give back to the community
    and do it…often. 

The Bottom Line: Tara Hunt is one of many avatars of the new
consciousness that is awakening. Whether it’s a product of the social
connectedness of the Internet or vice versa remains a “chicken or the egg”
dilemma.  Namaste