Why Users Generate Content?

According to the data Helen Legatt reports on BizReport,
the majority of online contributors do it for fun and fame. Others said they do
it to share experiences with friends and benefit others. Financial reward isn’t
part of the equation since there isn’t any.

And there’s the scientific evidence that human
beings are hard-wired to connect
, which we’ve touched on previously. 

And this leads us to Abraham
Maslow’s Hiearchy of Needs
. His paper, A Theory of Human Motivation
was written in 1943.

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Once people’s basic physiological needs are met, and they
feel safe and secure, they seek to widen their social network to create a sense
of belonging. This is at the core of the online community phenomenon, the
myspacing of the Internet. 

Blogging for fun and fame then continues our climb up the
pyramid of human needs in search of recognition and esteem, and sating our
natural curiosity to discover things. At the top, we find self-actualization
and our instinctive need to be creative and make the most our abilities. So,
even though the rapid growth of social and business communities became the next
big thing on the Internet, it’s nothing new to human nature. It was inevitable.

Maslow believed we should study and cultivate peak
as a way of providing a route to achieve personal growth,
integration, and fulfillment. Peak experiences are unifying, and ego
transcending, bringing a sense of purpose to the individual and a sense of
integration. Individuals most likely to have peak experiences are
self-actualizing, mature, healthy, and self-fulfilled.

Why stop there?

At the core of every religion lays the theme of the
interconnectedness of all things. Imagine a moment in time if every individual
on the planet were to connect. With technologies like Twitter, we might
experience a group dynamic of transcendence well beyond our normal waking
reality, like an evolutionary jumpstart on human consciousness.

The Bottom Line: Get connected and bring it on!