Where Your Ideas Reign

Been cruising Dell’s Ideastorm.
John Moore from Brand Autopsy has been cruising it also. He gives interesting
into what is going on with this online suggestion box that invites
customer dialogue on how Dell can improve its products and services.

uses Ideastorm
as a way for its product development team to co-create
products with the public, otherwise known as crowd-sourcing.
Pre-installed Linux on Dell computers was one of the first ideas generated that
Dell product developers worked with customers to co-create and introduce to the

Dell’s corporate blog site, Direct2Dell
is moderated somewhat. 90% of their 400+ comments are posted after a quick
review, according to Moore. Being less techno and more customer-oriented, we’re
interested, but less absorbed by the bits and bytes
of information posted. From the social media perspective, we find often the medium
is the message

Exploring the Direct2Dell Blogroll has led us to some very
interesting ideas. In particular, this post by John Jantsch on Reading
Blogs with Mobiles
which delivered us to Winksite. In their own words,
they are the first standards-compliant mobile Website builder that also
includes RSS-driven content deployment and mobile-tuned community features such
as forum, chat, and polls.

Going Mobile! These are bits and bytes we like to sink our
teeth into.

The Bottom Line: Ideastorm is giving us ideas, and we’d
very much like to hear your thoughts on the way Dell is interacting with their
online community, and on mobile blog feeds.