FacebookOS: Will Community Replace SEO?

The $10 Billion Social Network?
This caught my attention. I get literally NO spam at Facebook. Granted I have few (about 100) friends and am judicious about adding new friends.

Much to no ones surprise, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft (all
apparently interested in buying investing in the popular online social site, and possibly
gearing up for a bidding war) are all looking at a $10 (now $15) billion valuation of
Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to turn down Yahoo’s previous $1 billion
offer appears quite savvy for the then 23-year old owner. 

Perhaps more important to its valuation than Facebook’s
current profitability and popularity is its potential for future growth.

Since Facebook began allowing outside software developers to
create applications for use on the site (widgets), speculation has grown that a
new social media operating
is being defined with a wide range of tools (like search) found on
computer desktops. 

Facebook could soon have 200 million users—all of whom
advertisers would value highly because they can easily recommend products and
services to their friends on. With so many advertiser-coveted users, Facebook
could command higher advertising rates than search ads.

Could FacebookOS defeat SPAM?