Trash Talk & Delete Buttons: How sales people can add value to the community

is busy. She’s a l
eading-edge sales strategist and business
advisor with am impressive

And she has
no time for self-serving trash talking from sellers. 5 seconds tops before she
hits the delete button whether it’s e-mail, voice-mail, snail mail or whatever
the pitch.

I could care
less about your product, service, solution or your company,
she states bluntly in her post on Selling
to Big Companies

What is her notion
of trash talk? Here are some examples:

  • extraordinary
  • one-stop
  • any
    self-serving marketing-speak pablum
  • unique strategies

Savvy marketers that do get her attention do it by being completely
focused on her business and the impact they can have on it!

She is always interested in ways to: 

She declares: This
is business talk, not marketing speak!

And she’s also
interested in
any good information or fresh insights about the
challenges her company is facing.
How about how other companies are
addressing these issues? If so, she’s interested in that too.

The Bottom Line: We’re very interested in what Jill has
to say. Trash talk moving OUT, customer focused business information (adding value to the sales cycle) to impact
your bottom line, moving IN.