iPhone Zombies!

thinks Apple has a PR problem because people on Twitter are
reporting problems with iPhones that were not unlocked and subject to getting bricked.

Hansell of The New York Times predicts war
as Steve Jobs takes on hackers
unlocking iPhones from the AT&T networking, downloading unofficial
applications, or otherwise modifying the device.

Isn’t this whole iPhone thing starting to resemble a
Stephen King novel?

Part of the problem appears to be how the iPhone is
being met in the market. Sold as a cell phone, it’s being perceived by many technorati as a hand held computer, and hackers
can’t resist hacking
even with a $399 iPhone. We don’t advocate unlocking
your iPhone. 

Brian Oberkirch offers a slide show on Designing
for Hackability
, asking questions like: How can we make social networks
more hackable? Portable? Efficient?

are some interesting links as the battle heats up: 

Different: Think Again Apple
where Apple gets a video hacked.

Podcast of TALKSHOW

is working the buzz

Bottom Line: We’re keeping an eye on the Apple share price.

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