Social Media Investing on the Rise

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. According to a survey by Dow Jones VentureOne and Ernst &
Young LLP, venture capitalists are seeking to tap into new markets.

Global deals having to do with Web 2.0 / Social
Media are up a 14% in the first half of 2007. Other notable numbers and trends
for the 1st half of 2007 include: 

$465 Million invested in companies in the US

New England may be emerging as the new Web 2.0 /
Social Media Hotspot

$464.2 million into 101 deals worldwide in the
1st half of 2007
(highest 6 month total & more than 7% compared to 1st half of

Web 2.0/Social Media deals climbed 14% worldwide

$52 million was used in 20 European deals

Israeli companies raised US$15 million in five

United Kingdom had the most investor activity
with a seven deals accounting for US$22 million

Most of Web 2.0 / Social Media deals focused on
“Enterprise 2.0″ using Web 2.0 technologies to improve business functions

U.S. dominates the Web 2.0 market

China posted just nine Web 2.0 deals, accounting
for US$41 million in investment 

The investment figures
reported are “based on aggregate findings of VentureOne’s proprietary research.
This data was collected by surveying professional venture capital firms,
through in-depth interviews with company CEOs and CFOs, and from secondary

The Bottom Line: Money Talks!