Is is the leaderboard? Or is it conversations you dont want to participate in?

Techmeme posted a leaderboard of blogs that showup most frequently on it. Dave says that’s caused people to try and game it. Many people apparently agree with that point of view. Some disagree.

Most business communities that are good have a rewards system. There are very few “doing it for the good of the word” business communities. Regardless of what people say.

Rewards systems exist for a reason – to drive and incent behavior that the community owner perceives to be in their best interest. Not sure I can say the same of Gabe who did owns Techmeme. His reasons are explained here.

When you have a rewards systems you will find a few people try to game it. But the community (if its strong enough) realizes this and has enough checks and balances to neutralize those.

Sometimes the intention is not to game, but to introduce conversation that is controversial. That’s what Jason I think did. That’s a tactic  that generates interest and traffic. But does not mean you have to censor it. If you dont want to read it go elsewhere. Or start your own conversation.