Asynchronous Javascript & XML = AJAX

Matt Dickman
at Techno//Marketer
is helping deal with the overuse
of techno jargon
. His ongoing series of instructional whiteboard sessions
offer techno marketing tutorials on software
industry acronyms
and Web 2.0 buzzwords.

key takeaways from this session are:

  • AJAX allows technology to get out of the way of the
    end user
  • User experience is improved with dynamic,
    application-like interfaces
  • AJAX is driving Web2.0
  • Microsoft has their own version of AJAX called Atlas
  • AJAX bridges the design/user interface field and the
    technical/integration field (ie: it makes users happier)
  • Less pages to load means less impressions hence the
    death of the pageview
  • Major companies are using AJAX to design more
    responsive interfaces

Here’s the video

As a side
note, there’s a very interesting article about the company’s CEO, Jonathan Swartz posted on BusinessWeek.