Online Reputation Management Strategy

Not a big fan of those $10.95 / month “identity theft protection” services, I view reputation management with that same skeptic’s view. I do realize that large companies are extremely paranoid of their “brand image” and so they do invest in these solutions / processes for their online presence. I would agree with #1, #4 but the rest are really waste of time.

This comes
from Jody Nimitz via seo-space.
It’s part of a series to develop an online reputation management strategy
within the SERPs
(Search Engine Results Pages) and improve online reputation with actionable
business tools

He reports
keeping an eye on your online reputation is especially critical because
increased competition creates reactive instead of proactive situations for PR
firms dealing with their client’s reputation.  

Jody provides
five critical steps to provide proactive actionable intelligence to manage an
online reputation. They’re summarized here.

  1. Monitor Your Existing Online
    – In
    order to manage your online reputation, you need to know what is being
    said about your brand online. An easy way to do this is through tools such
    as Google Alerts and Yahoo! Alerts (which
    you can feed into your reader).
  1. Analyze Your Online Presence
    within the SERPs

    Consumer generated content is increasing and a blogpost or negative
    article can surface in the first page of organic search results, so a keen
    understanding of your search engine environment is necessary.
  1. Control Your Online Destiny with

    Optimize your site and online properties to dominate the search results. 
  1. Control Your Online Destiny with

    Be active in industry forums, social networks, and review & opinion
    sites. Participation within these areas can help change negative
    perceptions. Blogs are extremely popular for consumers and are often the
    first place they go to find information.
  1. Repeat Steps One Through Four – Being proactive and
    understanding the customer’s perception of your brand and your
    organization is one of the best ways to begin with your online reputation
    management strategy. 

Whether it’s
B2C, or B2B, it’s important to participate in online forums and social networks
to gather actionable intelligence about what is being said, both positive and
negative, about your enterprise and brand.

Jody provides a link to his
downloadable PDF report: Online
Reputation Management