Top 18 list of known tactics to improve community participation

I am compiling a list (ongoing, constantly updated) of tactics people have told me they use to increase community participation. At some point I will categorize them and give specific examples. If you can please add to this list, drop me a comment and we’ll attribute the tactic to you.

1. Request feedback on a specific feature / product service
2. Ask participants to vote for the best community participant
3. Run a contest for the quickest commenter
4. Organize a “website” treasure hunt – hide specific keywords in your website and ask users to look for them
5. Offer to buy a book for every participant that provides a book review
6. Organize a “schwag” party – users can exchange their schwag for others in your community
7. Remove a very popular feature (disable it) from your website and ask users if they want it back (this is from Sindy at VmWare)
8. Give users $100 in virtual money to spend on new feature improvements to your community
9. Ask users to write a poem to describing their experience with your product / service / company
10. Allow users to be “moderators” for the week
11. Promote one specific community member to “top flite” status each week and ask them to get more participants talking / commenting
12. Offer rewards to each user referring another user to the community
13. Organize a “lunch 2.0” – free lunch at your office
14. Offer “premium” features for free to users for a week
15. Make a “hero” of a user supporting the community – everyone that helps another community member gets their name on the “front page” of the community
16. Allow users to add their photo in their profile
17. RSS relevant “industry content” for users that they would benefit from
18. Run Facebook Flyers ads to promote your community site