The perfect music service = Best of XM + iTunes + Pandora + Morris Plan

Looking at all the various responses to Universal’s new take on ITunes. I actually love it. Competition is a good thing. I think Universals’ proposal this time might work. I love my Ipod, but competition should drive down prices, not up I think. If I were to put a perfect music consumption plan I would take the best of Apple iTunes, XM Satellite, Pandora and

1. Finding new music: XM is BEST for this. I keep listening to new music on some of their best channels. Only if I could get XM on my iPod, then I could record as soon as I want and delete the ones I really dislike.

2. Getting music collections of my existing CD’s – My iPod and iTunes (for CD Artwork) is best for this. No better way to get everything in one player than my iPod. Everthing – home stereo, car stereo and personal music system are driven with this.

3. Getting automatic music recommendations from friends and sharing with friends: I get a lot of recommendations on Facebook, on which is the best.

4. Getting “like” music – the best of “Get me more of this kind of music” is Pandora. Great service.

5. Keep me finding new and interesting artists – The proposed Morris plan (from Universal) sounds great for this.

What do you think?