Why cant every flight we take be like this

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“Thomas Lee, who was also on the Boeing 747’s first commercial flight
from New York to London in 1970, described the latest experience as
“spectacular … fantastic … incredible.””

“I have never been in anything like this in the air before in my
life,” said Australian Tony Elwood, reclining with his wife, Julie, on
the double bed in their private first-class suite.

“It is going
to make everything else after this simply awful,” he said, sipping Dom
Perignon champagne after a lunch of marinated lobster and double boiled
chicken soup. He paid $50,000 for the two places.

Flight attendants handed out champagne and certificates to passengers,
some of whom paid tens of thousands of dollars in an online auction for

Most times I fly and someone asks me I say “uneventful, and safe”.

Regardless of how much they paid, why cant every flight be like this one – fantastic, incredible.

I dont think its a matter of cost – just a matter that airlines (especially ones in America) dont care or give a damm.