Online Webinar Nov 14th:

I am co hosting a webinar on Nov 14th with Jon Gatrell on
Supply Chain Management: How To Utilize Online Communities for Pharma.

This is being hosted by The Center for Business Intelligence. Please register to attend.


global pharmaceutical companies are enhancing their supply chain
management functions by using on line communities.  These communities
allow them to truly collaborate with their, partners, suppliers,
distributors & customers.  With extended fulfillment and multi-tier
distribution requirements, communities also need to be managed and
monitored for compliance.

leading, bio/pharmaceutical companies have adjusted their traditional
supply chain management methodology to respond today’s on-demand 24/7
interactive and almost paperless world.   

communities have entered into and been greatly accepted by the supply
chain management departments of bio/pharma.  There are some advantages
and disadvantages.

Join our speakers to learn if an online supply chain management community is right for your organization.

In this webinar, Mukund Mohan and Jon Gatrell will explain:

  • The
    dynamics of online supply chain bio/pharma communities, and how to
    leverage those dynamics towards product innovation, trading and
  • How to measure, manage and report the value from your community
  • How to
    gain visibility and insight into your B2B collaboration and leverage it
    for collaborative use in support of ePedigree initiatives
  • Methods
    for gaining immediate access to control visibility and traceability in
    your global supply chain from point of manufacture to end-user
  • How to enable global partners and learn about international regulations
  • Use of a community to share information about regulations, best practices and problem resolution
  • How to drive value chain innovation, increase speed to market, reduce payment cycles and improve customer service