Future of MicroMedia, Where’s my universal Inbox?

MicroMediaMeetup has over 20 people editing the “future of short media formats”. That’s  Twitter, Utterz, Short Video clips, etc.

My question: Where’s my universal Inbox?

I remember we had several companies including Onebox and others that got funding back in 1999 around the concept of Fax, Email and Voicemail all in one Inbox.

Today we use:
1. My work blog
2. My Shared Feeds
3. Twitter
4. Cell Phone
5. Text Messaging
6. Instant Messaging
7. Facebook
8. Utterz
9. Twitter
10. Delicious tags – fed automatically into my communities blog
11. Podcast
12. How to Shortcasts
13. My feed reader

Whoa. How does one keep up? I think we need a Universal Inbox.

There are many choices. Facebook for one is my current onebox, but it does not have the timely relevance of Twitter. My email Inbox cannot be that since Microsoft Outlook’s just cluncky and slow. My Instant messenger’s interrupts me too often so that’s out of the picture.

But something like Flock or Mozilla – Client based? Interesting option. What about you?