Not a big deal, but I turned off comments

<IMG style="WIDTH: 278px; HEIGHT: 212px" height=297 src="/images/64360-56413/snr.png” width=600 border=0>

I dont think very many people would notice, but I turned off comments in this blog.


1. I really dont get a whole lot of comments. It takes either a “star blogger” or lots of time and energy to build a great audience. Since I dont have the time, and still like to blog, its easier to blog and enjoy it.

2. Dont want to login and approve comments daily. I did get many (not thousands) spam comments, but to wade through 100 spam comments to have the one good comment is painful and again as I said dont want to invest in it.

3. If you need to contact me you have my number and my email (check on the right navigation), and I get email comments more than I get comments on the blog anyway.

As the title says “Not a big deal”.