The worst email signature file you’ll ever see

I like options. I think.

I got a spam email from a “social media consulting” company based in Atlanta. Standard cold call pitch – not specific, no homework done, just another email from yet another company. But the email signature of this person was interesting.

14 lines long! Fourteen!

Name: <Name>
Company Name < Each letter in different colors BTW>
Phone: <Direct Line + extention>
Cell:<CELL #>
Fax: <FAX #>
Email: <Email address?
Website: <>
Blog site: blog site name
Twitter: <a href="
Facebook: facebook username
Skype: username
AIM: messenger name
Yahoo: messenger name

I get it. You got an account everywhere. You know your stuff. Please help me with my social media.

<img src="/images/64360-56413/spoilt_for_choice_thumb1.jpg” border=”0″ width=”450″>

thanks for the image: mindvalleylabs