Android: The Google Mobile Operating System

Google announced today its offering free software to
anyone who wants it under the relaxed terms of an open-source license,
which will allow developers to view the source code for that software.
This also means there will not be a “gPhone,” or any sort of phone with
the Google brand on it.”

The approach has already
been endorsed by 33 companies who make up the new Open Handset
Alliance, including some of the world’s largest wireless carriers and
cell-phone manufacturers.”

Rubin said Google hopes to
make money by increasing the number of people who are exposed to its
Internet advertising. Currently there are about 1.5 billion people in
the world who can see Google’s advertising on personal computers. In
comparison, an estimated 3 billion people use mobile phones”

Finally, there are tools
for individual developers. On Nov. 12, Google will release a free
software development kit that will help programmers write applications.”

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Interesting they talk about this being better than anything Microsoft offers. I think they know that Symbian “owns” the smartphone OS market at about 67%+ share, and Microsoft is a bit player, but they still want this to be them vs. Microsoft.

From the horses mouth.