Three inspirational short stories to keep you blogging

Great content one of the critical needs of any community. And good blogging takes time, patience and inspiration. Here are 3 stories I ran into last week, they were pretty inspiring so I wanted to share.

Scott Adams writes the Dilbert cartoon and a great blog. He has been giving away pieces of his books for free and has had mixed success. In a piece for the WSJ ( Excerpted) he said:
“putting Dilbert online for free years ago has yielded mixed though
mostly positive results. It gave a huge boost to the newspaper sales
and licensing. The ad income was good too. Giving away the Dilbert
comic for free continues to work well, although it cannibalizes my
reprint book sales to some extent, and a fast-growing percentage of
readers bypass the online ads with widgets, unauthorized RSS feeds and
other workarounds.”

But what about books? How did blogging help Scott?
Over time, I noticed something unexpected and wonderful was
happening with the blog. I had an army of volunteer editors, and they
never slept. The readers were changing the course of my writing in real
time. I would post my thoughts on a topic, and the masses told me what
they thought of the day’s offering without holding anything back….At
some point I realized we were collectively writing a book, or at least
the guts of one.

Lois Kelly points us to what language tells you about a person. Plenty, especially if you learn how to use the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) program developed by James Pennebaker and colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin.”

Please give the online edition a try (you have to put in one of your blog posts to get results). I scored better at self references, positive emotion, & overall cognitive words. Love to hear from you on your words.

Finally Greg Makinw pointed me to Mark Sellers speech. Here’s a summary. Bottom line: “To be a good investor be a good writer. If you can’t write clearly, it is my opinion that you don’t think very clearly.”