Social Media “rulebook” – Why some rules make no sense

Chip has a very good (I tend to agree with a few but not all) list of his contrarian views. Several self proclaimed pundits of social media, claim many things that I tend to agree initially but on further evaluation, notice its not the reality.

1. Agree: It’s not a blog without RSS is incorrect. I have 400+ RSS feed readers but over 100 email subscribers. While at Inovis, most of the customers still preferred email as the format for communicating blog posts not RSS feeds.

2. Agree: Lack of Comments Means Lack of Influence is incorrect. I read several Enterprise Irregular’s personal blogs and they have less than 3 comments each month. They have mighty influence though, which can be gathered by the way their posts are quoted by the main stream media.

I have another that I can add to the list:

1. Blogs cannot have an editorial calendar. This is very counter intuitive according to me. When I did put my editorial calendar for 2008 together it was to get motivated to talk about specific things that I care deeply about. And those that I have got the most questions from my readers. I got several folks telling me that it makes no sense. I did get some folks like Jeremiah. Aaron, Sean and Paul who correctly pointed out that I need to be flexible not rigid, which I agree with.

2. The community controls the community. This I have do disagree with also. When a company wants to bring its customers / partners etc. together to form a community its a shared relationship and shared ownership. Ultimately people would still prefer to be told what they need to know than go find out themselves. If you dont’ believe this, read the Time magazine piece. Even though we have 70% Internet availability in American households we still spend 10 times the time on Television.