What your Google Reader Trends tell about you?

I have been a Google Reader user for little over a year now (Switched from My Yahoo!). Here’s a picture of my Google Reader trends.

Here’s what I think it tells about my reading habits:

1. I read more on my Blackberry and Iphone than on my computer.

2. I love everything about finances and investing – Notice Seeking Alpha, Business Week, Marketwatch and Economics on top.

3. I still read more “Main stream media and influential bloggers” than individual blogs.

4. I still like Fake Steve Jobs.

What surprised me:
1. The number of individual blogs I subscribe to is enormous – close to 250, but I still read more the main stream stuff. Wonder if its to do with the titles?

2. The best way for me to catch up on technology and the valley is Techmeme. A year ago it was email to a bunch of friends weekly.

3. I email more than I share blog posts. Still can’t get many of my friends to switch to an RSS reader.

My wife would have told me all this without the year of experimenting I guess.

So what does your Google Reader tell you?