Outsourced Information Filtering

Since Google Reader has a new friend recommendations, I am seriously considering removing hundreds of RSS feeds from my reader. Why?

I am outsourcing my information “filtering” to Robert Scoble, Gaurav and Mario (for starters) since they represent 3 facets of things that are important to me. I am hoping to add others.

I would love it more if more topic areas could be covered –

Wall Street Paul does a GREAT job, but he’s doing it on Twitter – which has little permanence so I dont like it as much.

Economics in general. There are only a handful of good bloggers on Economics, so that’s currently not a problem.

Technology Marketing – Jeremiah does a good job of social media, but I need a broader scope.

Retail and Healthcare – Nothing good here yet.

The other great feature I need is for Google reader to ELIMINATE duplicate feeds. That’s going to be awesome.