My Biggest Influencers

Tagged by Paul Dunay. My top 3 influences in my life:

1. My parents work ethic. I remember my dad would go into work even on days when he was down with fever (during those days that was considered “being a trooper”. Not sure now if others in the organization would accept). My mom’s known to work even in her sleep. Long hours were the norm for both of them. Since my dad would travel nearly 3-4 months of the year, Mom would help us with homework, schoolwork, etc.

2. John McCracken and Yuval Scarlat at Mercury. Probably the two best executives I have worked for / with in my career. Yuval’s the person I picked up the “top 3” items to focus on daily. John’s known as the person that just plain wont give up. Keep throwing obstacles his way and he will keep jumping through hoops to get where he needs to be.

3. Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford. I dont particularly know him or liked him all that much, but his speech was very inspiring. I try and read it every week.

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