Social media experts are in beta version

Social Media and Communities as a field is relatively new. If you do get an expert, its very clear that they have been doing it for little time, but not a lot. If you see a resume with “over 10+ years” experience with social media, or communities you ought to think twice. Why?

1. Some of their experience with social behavior will be irrelevant. Most individuals would not discuss openly what blogs have allowed them to do. Remember it was considered taboo to even talk about your personal finances until recently.

2. The tools and technologies of social media are relatively new (most are less than 3 years old). Any best practice is what’s been experienced in 2-3 projects at best.

3. The metrics to measure effectiveness of social media are not available for you to determine if you are making any progress towards a goal. In fact if your goal is fairly deterministic, then you might have a problem in itself.

What do you think? How many social media experts do you really know of?