Social Networking and Community Cliche’s: Now for images also!

Ever notice that certain cliche’ now make it in imagery also? For example, I am pretty sure that todays 300+ point drop in the Dow will invoke that trader with his hands on the head. There are several sitesfor cliche’s that I came across. Here are my favorite Social Networking cliche’s.

1. Its about the community
2. Make passionate users of your customers
3. Communities are built “one person at a time”
4. The web is the biggest social network
5. Email is the best social network
6. The lines of social networks between business and home are blurring
7. Keep your community always in the know
8. Get inside your community’s head, but go for their hearts
9. Marketing to a community is evil
10. Build a community for the sake of doing good, not profiting from it.