Social Network slowdown – now what?

There have been several reports of the plateau of Facebook and other social network sites. This at a time when there was a writers strike in Hollywood, nothing interesting going on TV, movies generally sucking and the weather and economy not really conducive to doing anything that costs money.

So what are people doing with the time from not watching TV, or spending time on facebook? Here’s my guess:

1. Looking for work or working really hard. Beginning of the new year is a good time for most people to get really busy as do school programs. Many folks I know are doing that extra bit expecting layoffs in most companies they are working at.

2. Games – Virtual worlds not withstanding, I know a lot more people are spending their time with the Wii they got for Christmas.

3. Meeting “real people” and building real networks. Not that facebook is bad, but I know a lot more people are spending their time trying to find more ways to network one-one.

How are you spending your time?