Does your brand have a personality?

Rohit Bhargava’s new book “Personality Not Included” hits the shelves in 2 days. I have read the first chapter – so I technically cannot give you a book review, but first my basic philosophy of buying/reading books is:

a) Quick Read: can I read “most” it in 1 or 2 sittings – I am somewhat patient – (3 hours qualifies one sitting for me)?

b) Actionable: can I put something from the book to use within 3 hours? – i.e does it have a lot of examples or is it just theory?

c) Insightful: do I mark up more than 30 pages with post-it notes?

I read about 3 books a month (that’s a good month); and regardless of the Kindle- its not changed.

The basic premise of this book is about giving your brand a “personality”.

“Personality is the unique, authentic, and talkable soul of your brand that people can get passionate about.”

It certainly looks like a book that has a lot of examples, not just theory. so criteria (b) above is satisfied. The book starts off with the Apple Nano story, so its draws your right into an example and without going into a ton of theory.

Looking at the Table of contents, its about 300 pages, but about 80 pages are guides, tools and research, so criteria (a) above also seems very plausible.

I have to read the book to tell you if its insightful, but knowing Rohit and having heard him speak, I will definitely give him the benefit of doubt.

Side note, future book writers, should follow his path to engaging audiences and readers early. He’s paid his dues, provided an awesome venue for participation, been genuinely engaged and done a great job of building momentum for the book – over 50% pre ordered – which is apparently unusual for a first time book writer.

I’ll let you know more after I read it.