I stopped watching TV, now I am going to stop reading media news also

Mathew Ingram has a good piece on media consumption and the digital generation (its from a piece from New York Times). There’s a great quote he excerpted – “If the news is that important, it will find me.”

Funny that this is becoming important now. This morning I was reading a great piece by my friend Ann Handley and although she’s on my feed list, since I get so many feeds (800 at last count) I star her posts to read, but never go back. Last night when I was catching up it was so awesome to read.

So I went back to my Google reader and deleted 700 feeds (NYtimes, CNN, MSNBC, SJMercury, News.COM, Techcrunch, TechMeme – all gone).

I just dont have time unfortunately.

I gave up television a few years ago for lack of time – I would only watch Jon Stewart anyway.

Then I gave up going to news websites. Focused all my effort on blog reading. Now I dont have enough time for that. Now I am trimming down my twitter following (I follow about 1500 people so by the end of this month I plan to be at less than 700 – only the people I have met and know personally, else I dont plan on following just for the sake of it.).

What’s taking the time? Commenting and keeping up with friends like Ann, Aaron, Bill etc. Which is all the more reason FriendFeed is becoming more important to me.