Why everyone I know has a “Moo card” and a “side” project

Is it just me? Tell me if this happens to you more off late.

Happened to me 11 out of 15 times at Web 2.0 Expo. Meet a person on the Expo floor. Showing the demo of a product (Big company IBM, Microsoft, – these are JUST EXAMPLE COMPANY NAMES BTW etc. or small company).

You start to talk and its clear they “like their product” but dont “love it”.

So you chit-chat, get some schwag and move on.

Later after hours you meet Ms. IBM at a party (Web 2 Expo parties ROCK BTW). You start to talk and lady tells you she has a startup she’s doing (on the side mind you).

Hands you a Moo card and suddenly all that passion about the space, the problem she’s trying to address, the market, the Google ad-words revenue, all come out with the fervor of an evangelical priest.

Everyone I know now has:

a) a side web 2.0 startup
b) a Moo card
c) worked with a team in Estonia/India/Russia/ (fill in good programmers at low cost country)
d) downloaded the Apple iPhone SDK
e) knows a big name blogger and can get “great buzz for their startup when the time’s right”.

Its awesome

I liken this to democratization of moonlighting. Previously they did 2 jobs to make ends meet. Now its to make the 2 antipodes (passion and work) meet.